What is True Relaxation?

What is True Relaxation?

You may wonder what is is to be truly relaxed. It to sleep and to rest, no, the definition for relaxation is to be awake, aware, alert centred, conscious prepared and full present in the midst of anything and everything.  You my need some sleep, but that is not relaxation, relaxation is the core of you.

One technique that you can use to help upi relax and become centred involves your heartbeat. Whether ever you are now you will be able to feel your heart beating, prehaps in the centre of your chest. Even if you can’t feel it, take a moment and imagine it. Even if it may be little off to the left or right, imagine it in the ctre of your chest around your sternum. There is a pulse which you can expireince anywhere on your body¬† from your hands and feet to your face or forehead. You can imagine it and you can create it and if you sit with it for a while you can feel it right under your fingertips, because this flow of circulation is throiughout your entire body.

Try This Experiment

Take your hand and put it anywhere you like on your body apart from your chest and relax in that position until you can feel you pulse under your hand. There is no rush, and if you do not experinece it immediately, just sit with it for a while and then come back to it again. Another way to fo the same excersisse is to take the four fingers of one hand and place them on the lower forearm of the other side, just like you are playing piano with four fingers. Sit until you can feel your pulse with each of these four fingers. You might feel it under one finger or you might feel it under two, but wait until you can feel it under all four. Once you can, start to play it like a piano, pressing a little more and releaseing it a bit until you can completely feel it. Site like that for a few minutes, completeing this entire circuit whilst being aware of your heartbeat. Your heart is everywhere, so anywhere you touch on your body using this method will help you to relax.