How to Cope Woth Stress in the Workplace

How to Cope Woth Stress in the Workplace

Before we get into how to stop feeling really stressed at work, the first thing to understand is what is causing your stress. At first glance it might seem as though the type of work that you do, or your boss or people that you are working with are causing your stress, but if the job you are in factually created your stress, them every single moment that you were in that job would be stressful.

You should ask yourself if you are stressed during every single moment that you are at work, because chances are that this is not the case. It is more than likely that you are stressed in certain moments, and in others you are not. That means that the job itself cannot be creating the stress. Another way to understand this is that if you are stressed at work and a co worker distracts you with a funny email or an amusing story, it will take your mind off the situation and you will feel fine. You can laugh and you can have fun, when only a second ago you were stressed. As soon as you stop thinking about it you feel fine.

Another way to see that thoughts are creating your stress is to just take a moment right now and think about work, about what you don’t want to happen. Foe example, consider what it would be like if you boss didn’t like your nee presentation, if a client got upset with you or somebody yelled at you. If you really imagine all of these situations, all of a sudden you will find that stress is created, however there is nothing factually occurring right now to create it, only thoughts. This shows that the only thing that created stress at work and about work are the thoughts in your head. So what that means is that you can be at peace at work. This doesn’t mean that the feelings that you are having aren’t strong, but no matter how strong they are, they are only created by thoughts.

There are two fundamental belief that tend to create stress at work. The first one is that ‘it means something about me if something goes wrong’. In other words, you believe that it means something about you if your boss doesn’t like you, or if you have problems with a client. The second major belief is the idea that you know which outcome is best and worst for your life.

What happens generally is that when we have a job, we take on the identity of that job and we like to think of ourselves as being good at that job. You are constantly trying to prove to yourself that you are good at your job, and when you do well it gives you pleasure. However, no matter how well you are doing, you do not know whether it will stay that way and all it takes is one set back to start you having doubts.

The key is to try and look at things in a different way. If you are trying to impress a new client, and you feel like that world depends on it, try and think about it a different way. If the meeting with the client doesn’t work out, you may have more time to spend with your family or friends. Looking at the positives in every situation is a great way to alleviate the anxiety and help you start getting the most out of life.