Some Quick Tips On How To Relax

Some Quick Tips On How To Relax

One of the ways to know that you’re stressed is when your mind is not focused and you are stuck in a neg feedback loop of trying to figure out the same problem over and over again without coming to any resolution. One of the first things to do when you become unfocussed like that is to stop focussing, stop what you are doing and walk away, leaving the task that you are involved in. You might think that you need to push through with whatever you are doing but taking 15 minutes to really step away is going to help you much more.

You will come back with refreshed vigour, new stamina and you will actually be able to make some really good progress on your task.

The next thing to do is change your scenery. Get up from your desk, take a walk around your floor and if you can go outside and take a walk around the block. If there is a park nearby you should also try and get into nature as this is a great way to relax your mind. Doing this will enable you to shift your attention from voluntary, where you are focussed on one particular thing, to involuntary, when you can gently witness the surroundings around you.

Listening to music is also a great way to relax the mind and is something which is very easy to do. Pick a piece of music that relaxes you and is not too  intense and simply put it on, close your eyes, breath deeply, relax your muscle and allow yourself to get lost in the feeling it. Letting your mind go and just listening to music is one of the best methods for relaxation.

If you are at your desk and you can not get away, there are still things that you can do to effectively relax your mind. The first thing always to do is to breathe deeply. Breathing will calm you, it will re centre you, it will keep you grounded and it will get you back in touch with yourself.  You cam also do a quick progressive muscle relaxation where you relax different groups of muscles throughout your body, starting with your forehead and moving all the way down. There is also a great exercise called the ‘space between. where you take your fingers and place them on different points on your face. A you close your eyes you should feel  the different between the fingers on your face. This can be done anywhere on your head, such as your temples or even your eyes. All this does is to help to relax the mind and get it out of the point of single focus.

The last thing that you can do at your desk is doodle or draw. Keep it simple by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and simply let whatever is coming out of your head happen. It doesn’t have to be specific and it can be abstract, so just relax, let your mind go and have fun with it.