• The Institute for Reality Therapy UK

    The Institute for Reality Therapy UK (IRT UK), with it's own administration executive, co-ordinates the faculty workshops and practicums in the United Kingdom leading up to, and including Reality Therapy Certification (RTC), as well as the new Reality Therapy Psychotherapist Accreditation (RTP).

    IRT UK offers guidance and support to it's membership made up of a body of like-minded individuals, committed to their own personal and professional advancement.

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  • Intensive Workshops

    Both The Basic and Advanced Intensive Workshop are usually run over 3 or 4 days, and consist of lecture, discussion, video, demonstrations, skills practice and experiential exercises.

    During the Advanced Intensive Workshop participants have the opportunity to study the Choice Theory and Reality Therapy concepts in much greater depth. More time is given to the practice of the skills and processing of role-plays.They are conducted by a qualified Workshop Instructor.

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  • Practicum Period

    The practicum stages of the RTC training are designed so that students can begin to apply the concepts and skills leaned into their working practice and personal life. The practicum stage lasts for a period of 6 months (min), and each is at the same level as the Intensive Workshop week it follows:

    Basic Intensive Workshop, then the Basic Practicum
    Advanced Intensive Workshop, then the Advanced Practicum

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  • Certification

    The Reality Therapy Certification Programme (RTC) is an 18 month (minimum) programme of study and is designed to be accessible and flexible so that the participants can proceed through the training at their own pace. The training is structured in a five-part, sequential programme, as follows:

    1. Basic Intensive Workshop
    2. Basic Practicum
    3. Advanced Intensive Workshop
    4. Advanced Practicum
    5. Certification Week

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  • Psychotherapist Accreditation

    Reality Therapy psychotherapy training is prescribed by the European Association for Reality Therapy 'Rules of Educational Standards' and criteria for accreditation.

    These rules are consistent with the standards of the the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and include both theoretical and practical components.

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Using Reality Therapy

  • Counselling +

    The core of the practice of Reality Therapy is the ability of the therapist to connect with clients... Read More
  • Schools & Education +

    Geared toward helping individual schools create the necessary systemic change that can lead to the creation of a Quality School Read More
  • Addictions +

  • Managing, Coaching & Supervising +

      Managing & Supervising People The idea and approaches of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy are also applied extensively with Read More
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CT/RT Links

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The William Glasser International
The WGI is the new International Board made up of representatives from various countries 

The European Association for Reality Therapy
The EART is made up of member countries in Europe, the Board has a number of expert members overseeing CT/RT development

More from The Institute

  • CT/RT Development in the UK
  • CT/RT Practitioners Listing
  • Registered Faculty

dr glasser wubbs John B 130904 16 Adrian Gormansmall dec 012 dec 005

Over the years many people have contributed to the development of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy in the UK and across Europe.(left to right: William Glasser, Bob Wubbolding, John Brickell, Adrian Gorman, Leon and Boba Lojk) 

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This directory gives details of those current subscribing members of the Institute who hold Reality Therapy Certificate (RTC) status.Practitioners listed with IRT UK abide by the code of ethics which we (IRT UK) adopt as part of the European Association for Reality Therapy

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Faculty of the Institute - click MORE to access the Faculty area .

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